Orbital Eye Pain


Eye pain can be experienced as discomfort in the in the area behind and around it (called orbital eye pain) or in the eye itself. Most people with orbital eye pain feel it the behind the eyes.

While pain in the eyeball is mainly caused by medical conditions, orbital eye pain can be related to dental and bite problems, including tooth infections in the upper jaw and temporomandibular (TMJ) disorder, characterized by dysfunction in the jaw joint. Migraines and sinus problems can also cause orbital eye pain; these conditions can be aggravated by bite and jaw joint problems.


JAWBONES ARE CONNECTED TO THE EYES. The connection between the jaws and the eye area comes from the nerves. The three nerve branches that run through the upper jaw, lower jaw and eye area originate from the same nerve in the brain, called the trigeminal nerve. These nerves can transmit pain from one area of the other.



The TMJ are very complicated structures that allow our lower jaw to do all necessary movements while talking, chewing, yawning, etc. These can get out of balance, often due to a bad bite, leading to stress in one or both joints. When there is dysfunction in the TMJ, nerves can get pinched and result in pain. Since the nerves in the jaws and eyes have the same origin, pain originating from the jaw joint and even from teeth can manifest in the eye area as referred orbital eye pain.

Besides the pain behind the eyes, people with TMJ disorder can also experience blurry vision, eyestrain, watery eyes and sensitivity to light. TMJ dysfunction also causes migraine, which can also lead to pain in the eye area.


As mentioned previously, a bad bite (when upper and lower teeth do not match properly) causes tension and stress on the muscles and jaw joints, with consequences for oral and general health.

By realigning the bite, teeth and jaws through medical orthodontics, the strain in the muscles and joints decreases, thus alleviating nerve problems and pain in the eyes, jaw joint, head, neck, back and even hips

If you are wondering how this can be done, rest assured because braces are no longer necessary. The use of custom-fit clear aligners is an excellent option to correct your bite and make your smile beautiful. After a digital scanning of your teeth, a computer software assists in the 3D printing of these plastic trays. You can remove them for eating, cleaning and for special occasions and they work putting gentle pressure on your teeth.

If you experience pain behind your eyes and have excluded medical conditions, talk to the orthodontist and get your jaw joints and bite checked.