AAMO Mission

Dr. Daniel Noor, DMD, PC is the proud founder of American Academy of Medical Orthodontics (AAMO). He has treated thousands of patients with Invisalign and braces since the year 2002 and has seen miracles regarding improvement of medical conditions, in addition to the traditional dental and esthetic benefits of orthodontics. AAMO has contributed to clinical research and innovations and is currently conducting studies in the field of cranial-facial dentistry and orthodontics-orthopedics in relation to spinal-cranial balance and how it affects the entire body. Dr. Noor believes that correctly positioned teeth and a comfortable, balanced bite can avoid nearly all dental and periodontal problems and can help patients keep their teeth for a lifetime.

We all know that the enamel (the outer layer of the teeth) is the hardest substance in the body. Given this fact, why are dental diseases and issues so common?  The answer lies in the fact that 99% of the population have some sort of malocclusion (teeth that do not fit perfectly together, also called a bad bite). Just like gears in any machine, teeth that fit poorly together are under extreme mechanical stress. Such stress leads to microscopic fractures in the enamel, creating ideal conditions for bacteria to move in and start damaging teeth and periodontal structure.

Whether you are a physician, a dentist, an orthodontist, a nurse, or a patient who is seeking solution for a medical or dental problem (you can read the full list of chronic conditions that can be treated through Medical Orthodontics in the About Us page), the AAMO aims at supporting you as well as learning from you, so we can all contribute to better, safer, less invasive and health promoting treatments that are affordable for everyone.

In fact, if you read the entire content of our website, you will understand that Medical Orthodontics is by far the least expensive approach, because it can finally eliminate the cause of numerous dental and medical issues, rather than simply dealing with the symptoms. Research indicates that the economic loss caused by chronic conditions is huge in all nations. In fact, illness and depression combined are the number one cause for lower individual productivity.

Please feel free to ask any questions and to contribute to our cause through our Contact page. Please keep HIPPA in mind, always protect safety and privacy of your patients and never supply any content or images, which may jeopardize the privacy of your patients. Please cover names and identifying parts of any images and always obtain patient consents. Thank you.

Dr. Daniel Noor.