How we can help you


If your dentist is an Invisalign provider, we have great news for you. Through the technology associated with Invisalign, we can work together to correct your bite.

This means that you can keep seeing your dentist even he/she does not have experience treating medical conditions (please see the list of the conditions that we treat at the ABOUT US page).

During treatment planning for Invisalign (clear aligner orthodontic therapy), your dentist takes a digital impression to transfer all the information on the structures in your mouth to a computer. From there, a 3D virtual copy of your mouth can be seen in the screen and, through a specific program, the changes needed to align your teeth, correct your smile and balance your bite are simulated in the computer.

Hence, the AAMO can plan your treatment together with your dentist, as long as both have access to the 3D virtual model, which allows for remote collaborations between dentists and the Academy.

After all corrections are created in the program, the information is sent online to the Invisalign Company, where the aligners are 3D printed. Once ready, they are shipped to your dentist, so you can start your the treatment.

Dr. Noor, the founder of the AAMO has built his reputation and expertise through the successful treatment of more than 2,000 patients with chronic medical conditions associated with bite issues. Because he has focused on a comprehensive approach, including all the structures in the mouth, face, head and even back, he is looking forward to sharing his knowhow with Invisalign providers, in order to help them treat their patients.

If your dentist is not an Invisalign provider, you can ask him/her to join an ever-growing global community of dentists that use this great technology to provide reliable orthodontic treatment. This is possible even for general practitioners.

In other words, your dentist does not need to be specialized in Orthodontics in order to offer Invisalign treatments.

If you prefer, send us your dentist’s email and we will contact him/her to try to establish a collaboration, having your wellbeing in mind.

Remember, bite issues are associated with a long list of chronic problems elsewhere in the body, including problems in the head, neck, shoulder, back, ears, eyes and digestive system, as well as issues with sleep, breathing, posture, migraines and much more.

If you suffer from such conditions, medical orthodontics can offer long-term, drug-free relief through orthodontic treatment.

We are ready to help, no matter where you live, and we would love to talk to your dentist about it.